“The World’s Trash Crisis, and Why Many Americans Are Oblivious”
A Los Angeles Times article that looks at the breadth of the trash crisis around the world, and explores pay-as-you-throw as one of the solutions.

“Garbage Everywhere”
An article in The Atlantic that compares how Bangalore, India, deals with its garbage to the trash crisis in the US–and concludes that “in some ways, America’s garbage crisis is even more profound than Bangalore’s.”

“Waste and Opportunity 2015: Environmental Progress and Challenges in Food, Beverage, and Consumer Goods Packaging”
A report from the Natural Resources Defense Council on the environmental implications on consumer packaging

“Seriously, Is This the Best We Can Do?”
An article in CommonWealth magazine detailing the financial, operational, and environmental costs of excessive garbage in Massachusetts

“Adding 5,000 Jobs to New Mexico’s Economy”
A report by the New Mexico Recycling Coalition detailing the lost employment potential from sending waste to landfill and incineration–and showing how pay-as-you-throw increases employment by adding to the recycling stream