Pay-as-You-Throw: Briefing Document
Concise 2-page document outlining the types of PAYT, how they work, and their relative impact

Pay-as-You-Throw: Waste Reduction at Its Best!
The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s presentation on the benefits of pay-as-you-throw and best practices for implementing it

Waste Reduction: Strategies for Cities
Guidance from the National League of Cities on best practices for municipal waste reduction, including pay-as-you-throw

Analysis of PAYT Impact in Southern Maine (ecomaine)
Head-to-head comparison of trash volumes generated by PAYT towns and non-PAYT towns in southern Maine, 2018

Countries That Recycle The Most

Report from detailing which countries have the highest recycling rates and what they’re doing to achieve them

Do Not Trash the Incentive! Monetary Incentives and Waste Sorting
A Harvard Business School study showing that pay-as-you-throw has a positive effect on waste diversion and does not increase illegal dumping

DC Environmental Network Pay-as-You-Throw Training
Three presentations hosted by the DC Environmental Network by experts in pay-as-you-throw: Jan Canterbury, formerly of US EPA; Bob Moylan, who as Public Works Director of Worcester, Mass., began their PAYT program and ran it for two decades; and Kristen Brown of WasteZero, who has helped several dozen cities and towns adopt PAYT.

Increase Recycling by Changing the Way You Charge for Trash
A webinar explaining how pay-as-you-throw works and its benefits for cities and towns, from WasteCap Nebraska and Eco-Cycle

SMART Programs in Connecticut
Information about pay-as-you-throw implementation and best practices from the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

Fair Pricing Strategies for Trash: PAYT Experiences in Rural Areas and New Resources
A presentation from the New England Waste Management Officials’ Association (NEWMOA) exploring how pay-as-you-throw can help rural communities and small towns

AMERIPEN Analysis of Strategies and Financial Platforms to Increase the Recovery of Used Packaging
A white paper from the American Institute for Packaging and the Environment (AMERIPEN) that endorses pay-as-you-throw as one of the most effective means of increasing rates of material recovery

The People Speak: Pay-as-You-Throw and Resident Satisfaction
An article in MSW Management magazine with details on a nationwide survey by Public Policy Polling that found that people in pay-as-you-throw communities are strongly supportive of the program

Making Pay-as-You-Throw Pay
A Resource Recycling article on how pay-as-you-throw programs can help cities and towns reduce waste and generate a positive financial impact

Fair Pricing Strategies for Trash in the Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Region
Case studies by the New England Waste Management Officials’ Association (NEWMOA), for the Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission in New Hampshire, on how pay-as-you-throw has helped several New Hampshire communities.