Fall River, Mass., Pay-as-You-Throw Program on Target to Make $3.5M

The city of Fall River says its pay-as-you-throw program is on track to meet its $3.5 million annual revenue and savings target.


Pay-As-You-Throw Pays

The town of Brewster, Mass., reports that trash is down 47% with pay-as-you-throw, recycling is up, and the program saved them $51,000 last year.


Have No Fear: Pay-as-You-Throw Garbage System Works

In a guest column in the Charlotte Observer, former Worcester, Mass., Public Works Director Bob Moylan explains how pay-as-you-throw benefitted his city and how it could help Charlotte.


How Cutting Trash Can Transform Our Cities

Green Is Good Radio interviews WasteZero board chair John Campbell about the company’s mission to cut trash in half across America.


Why Pay-as-You-Throw Trash Fees Make Good Sense

The head of the advocacy group Sustain Charlotte writes a Charlotte Observer guest column in support of pay-as-you-throw.


Recycling Reinvented Expanding Current Mission beyond EPR to Include Supportive Policies

The advocacy group Recycling Reinvented announces it is expanding its mission to include support for pay-as-you-throw and several other policies to increase recycling.


Cutting Trash in Half: Secure Finances With Pay-as-You-Throw

University of North Carolina Institute for the Environment Clean Tech Podcast

Cal Cunningham of WasteZero discusses how metering solid waste puts pay-as-you-throw in the “smart cities” movement.


“Pay As You Throw” Trash Programs Becoming More Popular In Massachusetts

Boston’s CBS affiliate looks at how pay-as-you-throw is helping a growing number of communities in Massachusetts.


Many Cities Reduce Waste With “Pay as You Throw” Trash Programs

Livability magazine profiles the success and popularity of pay-as-you-throw around the U.S.