Rockport, MA Disposes of Flat Fee in Favor of More Fair Utility Pricing

On March 22nd, commissioners unanimously approved a switch to a universal pay-as-you-throw system.


Gold in the Garbage: How Recycling Rates Could Be a Lot Higher

A column written for Governing magazine by the president of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance on how pay-as-you-throw can help cities increase their recycling and save money.

Brattleboro, Vt., to Reduce Curbside Garbage Collection

After six months of pay-as-you-throw, the city will be saving an additional $100,000 per year by moving to every-other-week garbage collection.

An Early Adopter Of Universal Recycling Programs, Brattleboro, Vt., Is Saving Money

Town manager: “The magnitude of those changes and how quickly that fell into place really is impressive.”

Vermont “Leading North America” With Act 148

Also known as the “pay-as-you-throw law,” the new statute is already demonstrating positive results.

University of Maine Survey Shows Pay-as-You-Throw Trash Disposal Boosts Recycling

“Most people in communities with pay-as-you-throw programs responded that it was ‘easier to comply’ than they thought it would be, and most considered the costs ‘fair,’ the survey results state.”

Waterville, Maine, Pay-as-You-Throw Said to Have Saved $164,000 in First Year

Trash tonnage fell by 54%.

Vernon, Vt., Selectboard Says Pay-as-You-Throw System Working Well

The town has reduced its trash tonnage by 59% in one year.

Hanson, Mass., Doubles Recycling Rate With Pay-as-You-Throw Trash Policy

An article in the Boston Globe about how the town of Hanson has benefitted from pay-as-you-throw.