Sandwich, Mass., Pay-as-You-Throw Program Sees Fourth Successful Year

“We’ve reduced trash by half,” Public Works Director says.

Sandwich, Mass., Pay-as-You-Throw Effort Deemed Success

The town reports saving $600,000 in disposal costs over four years of pay-as-you-throw.

How Maine Towns Are Trying to Throw Away Less and Save More

An article in the Bangor Daily News looks at pay-as-you-throw’s popularity across Maine, where one-third of residents live in PAYT communities and see 40%-55% less solid waste on average.

Cutting Trash in Half: How New Hampshire Towns and Cities Can Secure Their Financial Future with Pay-as-You-Throw

The New Hampshire Municipal Association has published an article on the success of pay-as-you-throw in the Granite State.

Boston Public Radio Covers Pay-as-You-Throw

WGBH radio in Boston devotes a half-hour discussion to the success and popularity of pay-as-you-throw across Massachusetts.

The Atlantic Magazine Calls Pay-as-You-Throw Part of “The Future of Trash”

A feature article in The Atlantic says that pay-as-you-throw is part of “the future of trash,” citing positive results from the program in Worcester, Mass.

Pay as You Throw Away? Five Ways to Cut Off Waste at the Source

Waterville, Maine, Foresees $430,000 Gain With Pay-as-You-Throw

The city reports that it has cut trash by 55% with pay-as-you-throw, leading to dramatic financial gains.

Fall River, Mass., Pay-as-You-Throw Program on Target to Make $3.5M

The city of Fall River says its pay-as-you-throw program is on track to meet its $3.5 million annual revenue and savings target.

Pay-As-You-Throw Pays

The town of Brewster, Mass., reports that trash is down 47% with pay-as-you-throw, recycling is up, and the program saved them $51,000 last year.