Brewster, Mass. Recycling Program Bags Savings, Revenue

Concord, N.H., Marks Five Successful Years of Pay-as-You-Throw

“Pay as You Throw”

Recycling Up in Sandwich, Mass., With Pay-as-You-Throw

Recycling up 20 Percent; Pay-As-You-Throw Statistics ‘Exactly on Target,’ Says Sanford, Maine, City Manager

Sanford, Maine, releases figures showing pay-as-you-throw has cut solid waste 40%, doubled the recycling rate, and put the city on track to save $151,000 per year in disposal savings.

Wellfleet, Mass., Manager: PAYT Is Paying Off

The new pay-as-you-throw program in Wellfleet, Mass., has saved money, cut solid waste, and increased recycling in its first three months, the Town Administrator says in a report to the town board.

Eliot, Maine, Selectmen Updated on Pay-as-You-Throw Revenue

To mark six months of pay-as-you-throw, officials in Eliot, Maine, release figures showing a 59% drop in solid waste volume and a projected annual disposal fee savings of more than $23,000.

An Inside Look at Pay-As-You-Throw Programs

Trash Savings Pegged at $1M

Gloucester, Mass., marks five years of bag-based pay-as-you-throw with figures showing they’ve saved more than $1 million and cut waste 29% since moving from their sticker program.