Sanford, Maine, Reduces Waste With Pay-as-You-Throw

Pay-as-You-Throw Reduces Sandwich, Mass., Trash Flow, Increases Recycling

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An article details the success of pay-as-you-throw at the program’s three-month mark.

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Pay-As-You-Throw Program Yields Results

Recycling Today reports on the success of pay-as-you-throw in Grafton, Mass., at the program’s three-year anniversary.


Bags Cut Waste, Save City $1M

Gloucester, Mass., Mayor Carolyn Kirk speaks about the money that pay-as-you-throw has saved her city.

Pay-as-You-Throw Deemed Successful in its First Year

Sandwich, Mass., reduced its solid waste tonnage by 42% and saved $120,000 in disposal costs in the first year of its pay-as-you-throw program.