How Cutting Trash Can Transform Our Cities

Green Is Good Radio interviews WasteZero board chair John Campbell about the company’s mission to cut trash in half across America.

Why Pay-as-You-Throw Trash Fees Make Good Sense

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The advocacy group Recycling Reinvented announces it is expanding its mission to include support for pay-as-you-throw and several other policies to increase recycling.

Cutting Trash in Half: Secure Finances With Pay-as-You-Throw

University of North Carolina Institute for the Environment Clean Tech Podcast

Cal Cunningham of WasteZero discusses how metering solid waste puts pay-as-you-throw in the “smart cities” movement.

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Boston’s CBS affiliate looks at how pay-as-you-throw is helping a growing number of communities in Massachusetts.

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The Carton Council of America has named pay-as-you-throw as one of the most powerful tools available for increasing recycling.

Ashland, Mass., Reports $1M in Savings From Recycling Efforts

Recycling Booming in Vernon, Vt.